Isabelle’s articles and photographs have appeared in many publications worldwide, including Canadian Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, National Geographic, New Scientist, Discover, High Country News, British Columbia magazine, and more.

Isabelle often focuses on difficult dilemmas in the conservation of endangered species. Over the years, she has written stories on what it takes to save northern spotted owls, the use of dogs to find rare species at risk, the challenges in conserving North Atlantic right whales, the conflicts between sea otters and fisheries, narwhal in the face of climate change and human disturbance, food security in the Arctic, and the extreme measures to save endangered mountain caribou. In her reporting, she places a strong emphasis on immersing herself in the field and working closely with scientists.


Selected Articles

National Geographic News

Some whales like climate change just fine

April 2016

Airlifting pregnant caribou away from wolves

September 2015

Can sage-groused be saved without shutting down the West?

May 2015

How a DVD case killed a whale

January 2015

Should U.S. government kill thousands of birds to save salmon?

November 2014

Shooting owls to save other owls

July 2014

New Scientist

Crying to be heard

May 2016

Hunt for the sea unicorn

February 2014

BBC Wildlife

Eco engineers

June 2016

Spirits of the forest

September 2015

Loving bears to death

May 2015

Hellbender: America’s giant

September 2014


These dogs live to work – and threatened animals live because they do

October 2017

Canadian Wildlife

How did the toadlet cross the road?

November-December 2017

The two sides of sea otters

November-December 2016

The road to recovery

April 2015

Which way did they go?

November-December 2014

By land and by sea

September-October 2014

Something in the air: Researchers are calling out the dogs to help with endangered species

September-October 2013

World Wildlife

What lies beneath: Marine spatial mapping and the identification of the Arctic jewels

November 2014

Scientific American

What whales do at night

February 2016

Hunger in the Arctic: With climate change, Inuit food supplies may come up short

February 2013

Being there: Scientists enlist Inuit for long-term observations of Arctic wildlife

February 2013


Young bald eagles live life in the fast lane

November 2017

Jack Orr, whale hunter

February 2016

British Columbia Magazine

Sea otter country

Summer 2017

Western painted turtles: slow and and steady

Fall 2015

When worlds collide

Spring 2015

Orca encounters

Fall 2010

Canadian Geographic

Salish Sea change

Canadian Geographic, June 2011

Putting down roots

Canadian Geographic, June 2008


Otter confusion

Sierra, November/December 2010


Should conservationists allow some species to die out?

Discover, March 2011

Cleanup time on the high seas

Discover, July/August 2010

Beavers sign up to fight effects of climate change

Discover, April 2010

Georgia Straight

Understanding the narwhal

May-November 2013

High Country News

The bald eagle paradox

March 2010

The promised land? Churches use a federal law to trample local land-use rules

December 2007

When the Joneses go solar: As photovoltaic panels pop up on rooftops, planners feel the pain

July 2007


The Endangered Species Act at 40: Is it a Pyrrhic victory?

December 2013


Sea otter odyssey: their return to the west coast of Vancouver Island

Coastlines, July/August 2008


Urban farming grows on Vancouver

Granville, June 2008

Good fish, bad fish

Granville, September 2007

Seeking certification

Granville, February 2008

PC Magazine

Giving back to the friendly skies

PC magazine, March 2008

The online hunt for terrorists

PC magazine, February 2008

Payback for ID theft

PC magazine, February 2008

Let the happy times roll

Alive, October 2008

The price of piracy

PC magazine, October 2007

Cyberbullying: Taunting with tech

PC magazine, August 2007

The bytes and the bees

PC magazine, July 2007

E The Environmental magazine

It takes an eco-village: Green communities are spreading with growing pains

E The Environmental magazine, December 2007

Vancouver’s middle-class protest

E the Environmental magazine, February 2007


Gentle Giants: An emotional face to face with dolphins and whales

White Star Publishers, June 2011